December 2011

Colorado Springs Job Market – The 1st Quarter Outlook


In previous years, the job outlook for the first quarter has been anything but good. While there are many experts saying that 2012 will be a good year for the Colorado Springs job market as a whole, for those in the trenches and fighting the battle of unemployment, there is some good news. A survey from Manpower Inc, a temporary staffing company in the area, says that the first quarter of 2012 is likely to be the best in the last six years.

What Is Likely to Happen

The Colorado Springs job market will see improvements in 2012. The addition of jobs will be critical, but also important will be that many companies will stop reducing their staffing levels. That has been a big problem in previous years. According to the survey, there are a few good things to look for moving forward.

Colorado Springs Job Market: Job Finding Tips


The Colorado Springs job market still is not where it needs to be to be considered in a normal economic situation. There are positions opening up, and in many cases, these are good, full time positions with above average pay. However, the Department of Labor and Employment continues to report that the unemployment rate in the area remains high even as it drops 1/10th of a percent in the month of November.

Economy Moving Forward? Colorado Springs Job Market Center Stage

In order for any true recovery in the economy to happen, the Colorado Springs job market will need to have more growth and encouragement. Experts know that the only way for the economy to improve and to keep doing so is to ensure there are jobs for those who want and need them. There is recent news that indicates that the area may be on its way to economic improvement.

Bringing Business To Colorado Springs

"They are doing what they can to help the economy to grow and no longer be stagnant."

The city is still looking to expand and bring in new business to keep the economy afloat. There are many different things that Colorado Springs has to offer to those businesses that are looking to relocate and want to try and get a better foothold, however there is one thing that they lack that seems to have more drawing power than anything. The biggest thing that these companies are looking for is the one thing that everyone needs more of. Cash.

What They Do Have

In Colorado Springs, they do have other things that they can offer to businesses besides the lack of cash. They can offer such benefits as having a non-union area to select workers from. They have lower real estate prices, milder winters and higher quality of life. However that does not seem nearly as attractive as a big check to get someone to come in and expand and create jobs and income in the city.