January 2012

Colorado Springs Jobs Increase from Progressive

For those who are looking for Colorado Springs jobs, Progressive may be the company to turn to right now. The company is planning to add 129 positions to its call center and that could help out the many unemployed or under employed in the region to land the jobs they need. The auto insurance company said it will hire in 2012, by midyear, to add more customer service and sales positions to the call center in Colorado Springs. This is the third time the company has expanded its staff in the area in the last 8 months.

Could This Benefit You?

For those struggling to find the right Colorado Springs jobs, this move could be a good one. The company is likely to hire telephone representatives that will answer customer needs and sales reps for the facility. The positions will require some level of experience. Individuals will need to have an understanding of sales techniques, but not a degree necessarily. Individuals will need to at least have a high school diploma plus two years of post high school education (or two years of experience in a call center.) The positions could include full time positions. These would pay between $13 and $14 per hour.