March 2012

Job Creation in Colorado Springs Happening

According to some reports, Colorado Springs is likely to see the addition of hundreds of jobs in the coming months. For those who are out of work and who have been out of work for months, this is good news. There are many companies hiring and one of them, Stellar Restaurant Solutions, plans to announce big things within the area.

Stellar Restaurant Solutions is a call center for some of the country's largest restaurant chains. It is a home grown company too, with the launch by the owner in the area. Steve Bigari also owns Mr Biggs. Though the company considered moving out of Colorado Springs to help expand, things can be changing.

Consumers Say Gas Prices Hurt Job Search

Consumers looking for a job in the Colorado Springs area are feeling the pinch. It is not cheap to find a job today. From having the right clothing to getting the resume professional created, it all adds up. An additional cost for some is the increasing cost of gas. Getting to and from job interviews is making it hard for individuals to afford the process. Even worse, some say that they now need to make more money to make a longer commute worthwhile - something that is not good for those who are already desperate to find work.

In Colorado Springs, the average cost of a gallon of gas increased by 8 cents in the last week along. Some economists say it will easily reach over $4 a gallon within the next few weeks and could top as much as $5 per gallon by Memorial Day. That surge, some consumers say, could dampen their ability to find a job.